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Ines Quiterio

I'm Inês Quitério, deeply immersed in the world of color and its stories. With six years of experience in graphic design, I specialize in crafting visuals that go beyond mere attraction, aiming to deeply resonate with people. For me, design is a storytelling tool—a way to create meaningful connections. Whether it's aligning brands with their core values, innovating product packaging, or engaging specific audiences, each project is a new chapter in this narrative.

Graphic Design Skills:

Brand Design, Merchandising, Editorial, Packaging, Social Media, Banners, Campaigns, Corporate Design.

Mi historia

In my professional realm, I handle diverse responsibilities that go beyond typical job roles. Branding has deeply resonated with me, and packaging design often sparks my creativity. I see each project as a complex puzzle, finding immense satisfaction in bringing together different elements to build a cohesive brand identity.

Lately, I've been intrigued by the growing field of UI/UX. Exploring this new area puts me at the crossroads of visual appeal and user-centered design. The challenge of blending form and function excites me, pushing me to explore the vast opportunities in this field.

Beyond work, people often describe me as lively and outgoing. I strongly believe in the power of human connections—every conversation adds depth to our lives. My inspirations come from various sources, from serene landscapes to the vibrant energy of city life.

Overall, each day is a fresh canvas for me. I'm ready to create, engage, and appreciate the beauty that life offers with each new sunrise.

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