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Adele Sosnova

Hello! My name is Adele, and I’m a versatile creative professional with a passion for continuous growth. I hail from the lush city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. My educational journey began at the Art Lyceum, where the foundations of my love for art and creativity were laid.

Graphic Design Skills:

Social Media Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Poster Design, Marketplace design (Amazon, fronstore), Presentation Design, Advertising banners, Icons, easy flat Illustrations (vector graphics).

Mi historia

My path of learning and professional development has been international. I spent several years studying in the United States at the HSPVA creative school. Upon returning to my homeland, I pursued my studies at UIB, one of the country’s premier universities. In 2022, I earned a bachelor’s degree in “Restaurant Business and Hospitality Management.” However, as early as my sophomore year, my attention was fully captured by the realms of marketing, design and social media management (SMM).

My innate creative instincts empower me to craft unique designs and layouts, meeting the needs of clients while delivering a distinctive visual experience. My passion lies in creative design and mobilography.

I pride myself on being a responsible professional, consistently delivering high-quality work within deadlines. My ability to quickly learn and my readiness to ask questions make me a reliable and valuable team member.

Presently, I am focused on a career in the field of design. My expertise includes social media branding, creating product card designs for marketplaces, crafting advertising banners, and designing printed materials.

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