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Luana Freitas

Hey there! I'm Luana Freitas, but you can just call me Lu! I'm a jack-of-all-trades graphic designer based in Brazil, with over 11 years of experience in digital marketing and design. My main focus is everything online, stemming from my passion and curiosity about new technologies and processes.
One important thing about me is that I have ADHD (minus the 'H'), which gives me a different work method and outlook compared to most designers. My creative paths are a bit unconventional, but that enables me to turn references that might not make much sense at first glance into graphic images with ideas, visuals, and stories behind them that you might not always think would fit your business. I'm super curious and love dabbling in all things digital.
All kinds of art, music, and culture inspire me the most, so I'm always excited to learn more about you and your work, in order to create the best materials for your needs.

Graphic Design Skills:

Social Media Design, Social Ads, Web Graphics, Brand id (not logo design), Visual id, Email/Newsletter, Landing Pages, Infographics, Iconography, Video Editing, Motion Design, Poster Design, Merch, Banners, Presentation Design, Concept Creation for Marketing Campaign, Ebooks, Digital Flyers, Mockup Design, Learning 3D Design, and I actually enjoy doing the work that most designers dislike, which involves unfolding pieces for all sorts of campaigns.

My Story

My journey with graphic design goes way back to my teenage years. I've always loved every possible form of artistic expression, especially music. My passion for music led me deep into bands and groups during my teenage emo phase, sparking my interest in design. I wanted to create visuals for my favorite fandom websites. At 15, I learned how to use Photoshop and churned out (not-so-great) images for band promotions on websites. This led me to study design in college, fostering an even greater love for this art form that can be expressed in so many ways.

As a true millennial, I lived through the pre-internet era and witnessed the internet age, which made me realize my affinity for all things online—the easy access to information and consumption of art. This became my focus within the design realm. Being a generalist designer, I know a bit of everything and I'm constantly learning new facets that can be applied to emerging technologies.

I spent almost 11 years in a digital marketing agency, where I learned far more than just meeting client demands. It taught me responsibility with deadlines, listening and understanding the needs of various industries, cultivating a penchant for research and deep understanding of the field I'm working in. This ensures that the material isn't just superficial but resonates and represents the brand's story. I honed time management, communication, and community-building skills like never before due to the diverse range of clients. Most importantly, I've worked across every possible industry imaginable—healthcare, manufacturing, fashion stores, kids' cartoons, cargo trucks, lawnmower companies, influencers, education, and anything else you can think of. This experience taught me how to tailor my skills to suit small local businesses as well as globally renowned brands like Volkswagen.

My knowledge is vast, which keeps me driven to deliver whatever is needed in the best way possible.

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