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Alya Özbek

I am Alya, self taught graphic designer from Turkiye. I highly admire the creative part of designing. I mainly use Photoshop to create inspiring designs to be used in any field. I have 3 years of experience in the tattoo industry and I have mostly brought people's dreams to life on their bodies. I see design process as a journey to another realm when you have the freedom to create and story to tell. I know that I have a lot to learn and a lot to give in this process. I am also a life-time gamer with a streaming experience so that I really like the crazy and highly imaginative game designs that I hope to participate in one day.

Graphic Design Skills:

Logo Design, Poster Design, Book Covers, Illustrations, Social Media Design.

My Story

My scholastic foundation in English language and literature has endowed me with a discerning understanding of the subtleties in storytelling. I integrate this narrative flair into my design work, utilizing visual elements as a medium to convey intricate emotions, messages, and concepts in a captivating manner.

What distinguishes me in the design landscape is my unparalleled aesthetic sensibility. I am captivated by a lively, eclectic spectrum of hues that vivify my creations. I maintain that colors wield the capacity to trigger emotional responses, establish atmospheric moods, and craft indelible experiences. My design portfolio showcases a symphonic interplay of colors that do more than please the eye—they resonate with the soul.

My ultimate zeal resides in the creation of artistic masterpieces. Be it the composition of elaborate illustrations or the formulation of whimsical design elements, each artifact I produce serves as a kaleidoscopic aperture into my own imaginative universe, brimming with wonder, whimsy, and an ethereal touch of enchantment. My ambition as a designer is to instill a feeling of awe and joy within my audience.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for accompanying me on this chromatic and inventive odyssey, as I endeavor to suffuse the spheres of design and illustration with vibrancy and emotional depth. I am eager to unveil my future creative enterprises and contribute a dash of magic to the expansive canvas of design and illustration.

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