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Vlada Moscaliova

Greetings, my name is Vlada. Originating from a quaint hamlet in Moldova, I have embarked upon an enriching odyssey that has ultimately brought me to the idyllic haven of Portugal. At the age of 27, I consider myself to be merely at the dawn of this captivating life journey.

Graphic Design Skills:

Presentation Layout, Editorial, Branding, Merchandising, Drawing, Logo Design, E-mail Marketing Design.

Meine Geschichte

Though my professional moniker is that of a Graphic Designer, it represents far more than mere occupational nomenclature; it serves as the easel for my unbounded creativity. My spirit resonates with the dynamic interplay of technology, photography, and drawing—elements that not only impassion me but also act as the vital sustenance for my soul.

Each endeavor I undertake offers an invaluable opportunity to narrate a compelling tale through visual mediums. I ardently subscribe to the transformative power of artistic finesse and technological ingenuity synergizing to birth something truly sublime.

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