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Valentina Sola

Hi there! I'm Valentina from Cordoba, Argentina. I'm a Graphic designer and I've worked as a freelance since 2019 on diferent projects about brandind, packaging, editorial and web design. My favourite softwares are Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. I really love using vector tools from Illustrator cause they give me The possibility of creating shapes from scratch and donate my designs originality and personallity. I love getting projects with lot of information and elements to display on a work area that challenge me to create The most dynamics compositions 🙌🏽 I would love to share this creative journey with you and together reach to the most amazing result for your business.

Graphic Design Skills:

Meine Geschichte

For over six years, I have been employed as a freelance designer, contributing to diverse projects both in Argentina and Italy. My areas of expertise include branding, editorial design, and packaging. I relish collaborating with both nascent and established enterprises, aiming to imbue them with a compelling visual and conceptual identity while witnessing their growth over time.

Is "less is more"? Perhaps, but I believe that rules are meant to be broken—a sentiment that vector tools understand quite well. I invite you to join me on this conceptual journey, as we collaboratively seek the optimal design solution to your challenges.

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