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Mariam Datunashvili

Helloo, 🤍 I'm Mariam, a seasoned graphic designer with over six years of experience. My expertise spans various projects, from print materials to digital designs, logos, and brand identities. I've cultivated a deep understanding of design principles like color theory, typography, and layout. Fun fact about me: I absolutely love what I do, it's not just work—it's a passion. Rest assured, I infuse every project with love. Feel free to explore my work on Behance: Mariam Datunashvili on Behance

Graphic Design Skills:

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Poster Design, Book Cover Design, Magazin and Catalogue layouts, Vector drawing, NFT, Print Design, Vector Painting, Packaging Design.

Meine Geschichte

The Vocation of Artistry: To me, design transcends mere occupation; it serves as a vocational calling. This field is the conduit through which I channel my intrinsic artistic propensities to craft visuals that are not only captivating but also communicative and inspiring. I was drawn to graphic design as it represents an ideal amalgamation of artistic flair and functional purpose, serving as a platform to breathe life into abstract concepts.

A Diverse Portfolio: My creative repertoire encompasses a wide array of design elements ranging from logo conceptualization and brand identity development to social media marketing strategies and NFT art pieces, extending to posters, banners, and more. I have had the honor of partnering with eminent B2B enterprises and avant-garde marketing teams, acting as a catalyst to bring their unique narratives into visual existence.

A Harmonious Blend of Career and Passion: Operating as a freelancer, I invest not just my time but also my emotional energy into every endeavor. For me, graphic design is not a mere transactional exercise; it is an impassioned commitment to each pixel, stroke, and chromatic selection. This craft serves as a nexus between me and the aspirations of others, fortifying connections through the language of design.

Commitment to Evolution: I remain steadfastly dedicated to the pursuit of ongoing education and ceaseless skill enhancement. Recognizing that true growth is resource-dependent, I continually scout for opportunities that allow me to elevate my craft to unprecedented echelons.

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