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Mariam Botchorishvili

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Mariam, a little girl in a big design world. I have been familiar with this field for a long time. I interact with fabulous details. Although I create for others, I work with all my heart.

Graphic Design Skills:

Meine Geschichte

My design philosophy is simple yet unknowable. For me, this field is very personal, individual, limitless, and fabulous. It's a real passion, creating something tangible with surreal details. Design doesn't serve anyone; it's created to represent subjects at a higher level. It is the spirit in the physical world. My inspiration comes from my childhood. At that time, relationships and the world were entirely different.

My journey is always connected to the elements in the universe. What is real and tangible must become fantastic. While working with clients, I strive to notice all the desired details and express them in the design. No matter the project, each one must be executed with high quality and resonate with the heart of the customer.

With my experience and a desire for continuous development, I will always achieve the desired result. This is the allure of graphic design - to be constantly in tune and progressing. I learn every day and apply this knowledge for you. Every proposal sounds great; I promise it will be as good as expected.

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