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Jenny Limanda

Greetings, I am Jenny, a seasoned designer and illustrator headquartered in the idyllic setting of Bali, Indonesia. With over half a decade of expertise in the realms of design and digital artistry, my skill set is both broad and specialized, encompassing logo creation, layout design, social media marketing, and print-oriented projects. My illustrations are celebrated for their vivid hues, whimsical characters, and inventive narrative elements. Driven by an unending inspiration derived from Bali's natural splendor, my work aims to instill a sense of joy and wonder in its viewers.

Graphic Design Skills:

Logo Design, Email/Newsletter Design, Book Cover, Poster Design, Magazine, Layouting, Presentation, Product Design, Traditional Painting/Illustration.

Meine Geschichte

In addition to my digital endeavors, I am a proficient traditional painter, skilled in the mediums of acrylic and gouache. I am passionate about sharing this expertise, regularly facilitating workshops that guide attendees in the crafting of exquisite landscape art.

Beyond the boundaries of my creative pursuits, I am an avid explorer of Bali's underwater marvels, a keen player of board games in convivial gatherings, and a loving guardian to my feline companions.

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