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Irene Serrano Ron

I am Irene, a Sevilla-based graphic designer with a rich and unconventional career trajectory. Although I initially embarked on academic studies and professional work in Law and Criminology, I serendipitously discovered my enthusiasm for graphic design while contributing to my Students' Union. Faced with a dearth of expertise in graphical software among my peers, I took the initiative to self-educate through a plethora of online courses, videos, and countless hours of practice. This newfound passion soon led me to pursue a Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Web Conceptualization, complemented by coursework in Photography and Video Production. This blend of artistic and methodic work has made me the professional I am today, capable of translating complex concepts into appealing designs and always looking for new challenges.

Graphic Design Skills:

Branding, Logo Design, Editorial, Layouts, Posters, Presentations, Social Media Design, Print Materials and Merch, Photo and Photo Editing, UX/UI.

Meine Geschichte

Embarking on my design journey in 2020 opened the door to a world of creativity, allowing me to play a part in high-profile events and expansive campaigns. My portfolio, a colorful tapestry of experiences, effortlessly blends the realms of print and digital media. While I relish every facet of my profession, my particular strengths lie in conceptualization, editorial design, logo design and branding. Moreover, the tangible nature of print materials offers me a unique sense of fulfillment. Whether it's crafting concepts, diving into editorial design, or shaping unique logos and brands, each project is a chance to spread joy.

Beyond the pixels and paper, my skills in photography and brand management add depth to my creative toolbox. I thrive on adaptability and relish the opportunity to learn new skills, turning abstract ideas into visually stunning realities. Every project, to me, is a one-of-a-kind adventure deserving of love and dedication. Throughout our creative journey, open communication is my secret sauce, and I firmly believe that behind every challenge lies a graphic solution that brings smiles.

In addition to my design escapades, my life has been a colorful mix, from being a published author and Spanish Kung Fu champion to a former Students' Union President. Armed with a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Laws and Criminology and a Double Master’s Degree in Advocacy and Laws and New Technologies, I bring a strong work ethic, attention to detail, effective communication, and a knack for collaboration.
Beyond my job, my interests dance between literature, music, martial arts, pottery, and the thrill of capturing moments on the streets with my camera. My passion extends beyond the design realm, embodying a commitment to living a vibrant, creative, and diverse life.

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