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Emilija Malezan

I am Emilija, a graphic designer with experience in design and illustration. Most of the projects I work on were with creative artists and photographers, which force me to look at design from a different perspective. Design is visual communication, yes, but behind that there is something else. There is an aesthetic and our subjective feeling to create and express ourself, and for me that’s the main point - creating with your sense. That’s what makes a design come alive. That is what you need - a living design to communicate with the public.

Graphic Design Skills:

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Poster Design, Book Cover Design, Magazin and Catalogue Layouts, Vector Drawing.

Meine Geschichte

So, when I am creating a design, I am feeling the process of designing. I invest not just my time, I invest my energy, love, and sensory perception. Like one philosopher said, “Aesthetics is about many things - including art.” Today, we have dozens of technical possibilities to make and introduce our “piece of art”. I am literally addicted to Adobe Suite. Especially Illustrator and InDesign. There is such a beauty in playing with vector drawing and making an exeptional layout on the pages of some magazin. It’s a very special pleasure to be a part of any design journey!

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